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Let's Dance!

with Zarina Grace - Your dance instructor

My experience as a dance fitness instructor and as a life & wellness coach means that I have a unique approach to bringing joy & positivity to my clients. I believe through dance and moving the body, we can release tension and areas of stress. The mind and body are so intrinsically linked, which means that by freeing up our bodies, we can also free up our minds so that we can feel happier and freer than ever before. 

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So Zarina, what exactly do you do?

I taught dance fitness classes in my local community in Essex for 10 years and during the Covid-19 lockdown, I taught my classes online from home. This video series is a catalogue of uplifting classes, delivered live. Over 150 classes that brought much needed relief and happiness through the toughest months of the pandemic. I am now focussed on my life coaching business but still dance whenever I can.


During my classes, I bring motivation to my clients to find a way to exercise that is fun and joyful. I believe dance is a fantastic way to do this. My clients stay with me for a long time, often many years because my classes are  more than just a dance or fitness class. We have so much fun. Its a great way to de-stress and find that balance in life again. 

Tell me about your online dance fitness classes

I really wanted to be able to offer a service that people can access from the comfort of their own homes. Dance fitness is super fun, but it is not readily available to people who are unable to attend live classes. For instance, mums are often isolated when the children come along and cannot get to class. Also some people feel too shy to attend a class. Other reasons may be shift work, cultural reasons 0r lack of income to join a regular class or the gym. Hopefully, my online service brings the opportunity to dance and get fit to a wider audience.

What can I expect if I become a member?

My classes are no frills. video'd from my living room (you'll meet the cockapoos) and can be accessed via the members site, straight to your living room. I want to prove that you can have fun and work out from home and don't need masses of space or a fancy studio. I teach both Zumba and Clubbercise.


Members will have access to a library of over 150 classes.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Anyone who can move their body! My ladies are all sizes, shape, ages and abilities. You can take the classes at your own pace and intensity. Your fitness and cardio stamina will build up after just a few classes. If you have any injuries or illnesses, then I advise you consult your doctor before taking part, A fun way to take the class is together as a family or by inviting round a friend or two so you can dance and get fit together! 

How do clients cancel their membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to

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